As if the goal of bicycling across the country isn't enough, I have another goal attached to it. I hope to raise $25,000 to support the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Their work to combat childhood obesity is aligned to my business's mission to: Create places of health and well-being where kids can win through education. I encourage you to make a donation here because you truly believe that healthy kids learn better and our children lives are improved as a result of the Alliance's efforts.


Nearly 1 in 3 kids in the United States is overweight or obese, and our current generation could become the first in American history to live shorter lives than their parents.

Team Healthier Generation is a fundraising team created to motivate and support endurance and athletic event participants. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation approaches its work to end childhood obesity with the same determination and commitment it takes to complete an endurance event. All funds raised by Team Healthier Generation support the Alliance's goal -- to reduce the nationwide prevalence of childhood obesity, and to empower kids to make healthy lifestyle choices.


In-Kind Donations for Road to Rhode:
Patti Bateman, Graphic designer- Patti has donated many in-kind hours above and beyond my initial budget to design Road to Rhode's identity, including logo. Thank you Patti!

Michael Sylvester at Bicycle Fitting Services who has not only fit my bike to my body and riding style quite perfectly, but who has spent hours with me giving me riding advice, tool/equipment and clothing advice and has even helped me order gear and my trailer. You are amazing and your support means the world to me!

Dr. Ray McClanahan at Northwest Foot & Ankle not only provided me great modifications for my bike shoe to further support my left foot which was bothering me a little bit, but his visit was complimentary as a donation to my trip! WOW! Didn't expect that and I highly recommend Dr. McClanahan if you are in need of a smart, professional, engaged, passionate podiatrist!

To see donating updates, go here.

Donors are also listed below. I sincerely appreciate your support.

Welcome to Team Road to Rhode!

Jess Lawrence
Koko Hunt
David Nadelberg
Jamie and Justin Waltz (Simon and Siri)
David Crandall
Jamie Sparks
Kari Stuhmer
Alison Hansen
Dawn Graff-Haight
Cathy Corkery
Amanda, Adam, Sam and Max Fitzpatrick
Dave and April Hersh
Ben Kates
Bridget Borgogna
Julie Roth
Brian LaVere
Amy Engleman
Greg Williamson
Cassia and Dave Lawrence
Graig and Ginny Saloom
Debra Hopkins
Inge Aldersebaes
David Wiley
Dave Phillips
Gabrielle Light
Doris Roth
Bob and Alba Tutnauer
Marissa Rathbone
Jennifer Gabriel
Jen Kilcoyne
Paul and Susie Levine
Josh Buckno
Wendy and Carl Levine
Frances Botsford
Ryan McGee
Gary English
Brian Coyle
Matt and Shailee Adinolfi
Jamie Zentner
Gabriel Lewis
Jamie Stone
Kathy Wilbur
Howell Wechsler
Vicki Crawford
Hilary Baker
Ginny Ehrlich
Daniel Buettner
Lorraine Davis
Lynne Mutrie
Marina Merrill
Kyle Lafferty
JoEllen Tarallo-Falk
Harris Schwartzberg and Family
Nicole Walker
Laurie Bechhofer
Nick Jensen and Liz Thorne
Stephanie Bunge
Peter and Nancy Siegel
Kate Link
Susan Turchin
Maesie Speer
Leslie Griep
Pete and Holly Hunt
Lisa Barrios
Mark Bruno
MaryAnn Simpkins
Ashley Horacek
Corey Klein
Dana Griggs
Isabelle Barbour
Maureen Olsen
Kay Zimmerli
Hiza Family
Patricia Hennig
Anne Gallagher
Michael and Eileen Friedman
Gary and Kathleen Nedelisky
Joanne Brown
Breann Westmore
Rosalyn Liu and Noah
Pam and Karl Reichelt
Steve and Gail Myers
Kristin Campbell
Corey Klein
Jill and Brian Levitt
Irma Lawrence (Grandma!!)
Judy and Bill Hyde
Sarah Stevens
Bill and Judy Hyde
Michelle Dahl
Shannon Vogler
Matt, Amy, Max and MacKenzie Compton
Scott and Amy Curran
Susan Telljohann
Gina, Frank and Elliot
Emily Coe
Paula Politte
Julie Rosenberg
Chris Sanchez
Vicki Wentzien
Vicki Greenwell
Spencer Crandall
Chris Sanchez
Anne Feree
Gary Wheeler
Rahel Felice
Bonnie Judge
Jenny Jackson
Lissa Feldman
Rain Henderson
Holly Spruance
Ty Oehrtman
Stacie Steinbock
Lisa Kramer
Katie Allen
Adam Murdoch
Greg Plunkett
Magan Hansen
Sarah Gay
Valeria Gutierrez
Keith Crawford
Denise Seabert
Natalie Sutton
Aaron and Ashley Simpson
Sarah Marsh
Sally Swanson
Allan Brettman
Sandra Bargainnier
James Fong
Don Kunz
Pat Demartini
Cheri Scott
The Lindlands
Lauren Buckno
James Kennedy
Valerie Leftwich
Zlot Family
Margie Mullen and Liz Siegel Mullen
Susan Berte
Suzie Ko
Michelle Erickson
Jessica Warren
Therese Gietler and Andy Batt
Cliff Geis-Poage
Ed Englemann
Nancy Franz
Sara Tretter
Jim Drabble
Robert Evans
David Rossi
Jessica Duke
Mary Waters
Judy Johnson
Robert Evans
Ian Morris
Gary Stanko
 Sherry & Michael Strammiello
David Hanzlik
Danielle Mathew
Lynn Edwards
Joseph Paradise
Misty Isaak
Sarah Titzer
Melissa Light
Beth and Garry Feltus
Ray Ridlon and Terri Sevier
Margery and Peter Lawrence
Patty Lane
Dani Sartor
Kymm Ballard
Marian Hansen
Jeannie Thompson
Meg Steere
Danielle Turner
Maureen Keating
Carol Valek
Terry and Joe Best
Margie Marchado
Bonny MacDonald
Komal Rathod
Shaun Thomas and Greg Gasperin
Jen Hyde
 Adam Pawlikiewicz
Stefanie Murray
Emily Rocha
Pat and Jim Sullivan
Brian and Amy Griffith

Nancy Johnson
Becky Logiudice
Donna Benson
Kelly Hennigan (Bowler)
Gary English
Annie Connors
Gretchen Amann
Kelsey Murphy (Rodwell)
Brian Mork
Jennifer Pursell
Matt Kagan
Arnold Strong
Rebecca Stamulis (Fray)
Margee Parikh
Melissa McDonald
Chuck DePalma
Michael Ralls
Linda Oakley
Kimberlie Burke
John Henry Ledwith
Yvonne Collins
Spyridoula Vazou
Marina L. Merrill
Valerie Snyder
Lindsay Weiner
Donna Crawford
Michelle Sobel
Alice Prestia
Jenna Weatherred
Inge Aldersebaes
David McKerrow
Allison Nihiser
Steph Myers
Timothy Biship
Susan Berry
John Wilson
Barbara Donica
Thomas Mazza
 Lori Orth
Monica Rodriguez
Nicole Eicker
Sara Tretter
Jacy Wooley
Kari Stuhmer
The Lappens
Lara and Nicholas Lezrine
Helene Cote
The Cavanagh's
Carole Fins
Melissa Jolly
Barbara Madden
Crista Hawkins
Jeff and Gail Clarke
The Bialecks
Gerard & Marie Kearney
Richard Plavin
Ray Reid Soccer School
Paul Freda
Robert Rodner
Allen Ward, Jr.
Jamie Ward
Reed Alexander