October- Present

In October, as my crazy dream of 23 years started to become something I could feasibly do this summer, I started to plan. I'm an expert at planning. I love making lists and drawing diagrams and creating goals. So, the first thing I did was make a commitment. I registered for a forty hour bicycle maintenance course hosted by United Bicycles Institute www.bikeschool.com. I'll write more about that course since I have since taken it (AWESOME!), however, it held me accountable to at least learning more about how to take care of my bike which I ride often, but neglect maintaining it even more so.

I did not really fully commit to this trip until February 13, 2013, after a meeting with my financial advisor. I needed his confidence in my finances to allow me to say, "I can do this."

These people I consider my advisors. They are truly the foundation that enables me to fulfill this dream. Of course, I have family, friends, colleagues that are providing the emotional support- you will be mentioned at another time.

Koko Hunt: My financial advisor, who rocks.

MJ Petroni: My business coach for six year now, who I now consider a close friend. My business is as successful as it is because he has been a part of my advising team.

Judy Johnson: My accountant who alongside Koko, advises me personally and professionally on many fiscal decisions.

Aaron Simpson: My personal trainer of two years who patiently puts up with my crazy nomadic work travel schedule. He holds me accountable for working out and my training for this trip. My lowered risk of injury and the benefits of strength and endurance are a result of his guidance and support.

Lisa Miller: My awesome therapist who has been a great support the past couple of years!

Julie R: A friend who is charging me a minimal amount to move in with her to save money on rent.