Prepping for a trip like this can be extremely overwhelming. For example, there is training (hours and hours), researching and purchasing gear for the trip. On top of all of that, I’m trying to raise $25,000 for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.  This means hours working with a graphic designer on the identity/logo for the ride, developing my website (I did it all myself!), blogging, tweeting, Facebook-ing, emailing, writing handwritten personal thank you notes for those that have donated and planning a send-off party on June 2 (also my birthday)! And, then, there’s moving. Yup, moving out of my fantastic place into a room with a friend. There’s no reason to pay what I pay in rent when I can stay with a friend for a reduced rate. I’m only in town 60% between March and June (work travel) and I’ll be gone June through potentially October. I have work on the east coast end of September and October, so I’ll probably stay through. And, I haven’t even mentioned work. I’m still running my business full time. I’m currently balancing (trying!) the following contracts:
•Kentucky Department of Education- project consultation
•Alliance for a Healthier Generation- Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools work
•Advocates for Youth- Health Ed Curriculum Analysis Tool training for DC Department of Education
•Oregon Public Health Division- helping write the Chronic Disease grant, specifically the school health components
•Facilitating the Living Well annual Network meeting in Oregon in May
•Facilitating the sexual health brainstorming session for Clinton Health Matters blueprint development day in Little Rock in May

•Presenting at the Adolescent Seaside Sexuality Conference, Seaside OR
•Presenting at the School Employee Wellness Conference in Bend, OR

PHEW! So, how do I balance everything? Well, my friends aren’t hearing from me as much, that’s for sure. Very little evening plans. Making sure I get 8 hours of sleep. No alcohol. Okay, maybe a drink a week. Eating well. Exercising. I have a feeling the bike trip will be relaxing compared to all this prep.

Here’s a little calendar of what I’ve been doing/plan to do to continue prepping for the trip:
Registered for UBI’s course
Worked with personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness on a training plan
Met with dietician
Ordered Adventure Cycling Association maps – Trans American Bicycle Trail
Determined route
AHG made the pitch to do this as a fundraising effort
Took UBI course
Began seriously training
Began purchasing gear
Researching bike computer vs iPhone
Personal trainer 1X/week
AHG fundraising page launched
Research on panniers
Researched self protection options
Launched site
Continued to train, personal trainer 1X/week
Twitter account @roadtorhode
Purchased panniers
Purchased bike computer
Put bike racks on bike
Purchased new bike shoes
Moved in with Julie
Put 90% of my stuff into storage
Looking for a place to store my car
Research- health insurance coverage sufficient? Car insurance if I’m not driving (comprehensive only).
Determined my mail will be forwarded to my parents home in CT
Change all bills to online payments
Take self defense course- Portland Public Police women’s course
Continued to train, personal trainer 1X/week
Bring bike in to shop for full and final  ‘check up’
Continued to train, personal trainer 1X/week
Planned for send-off party planned for June 2