Day 1, Fort Stevens to Big Eddy/Vernonia

I awoke abruptly at 4:15 am to my alarm going off. After dreams of Oliver, my dog who isn't for this world much longer, I tried to get up. Had I REALLY decided to do this? Bike across the country? Yup. I did.

2013-05-10 06.02.52.png

I checked my phone and saw that my parents sent me this email and it reminded me of all the people cheering me on. And, I remembered that I didn't HAVE to get up at 4:15am usually on my trip. It's just that this morning, first day of my trip, my friend Mike was going to stick with me and capture the experience and day in photographs. 

When we got to Shipwreck Beach and there wasn't any sign of sunrise other than a dull, flat gray light. But, we got out on the beach, took photos of my dipping my tire into the ocean and I started my first 10 miles back to Astoria. We had breakfast at The Columbian Cafe and I continued on my way.

First breakfast, The Columbian Cafe

First breakfast, The Columbian Cafe

My next big stop would be 49 miles down the road at The Birk, an awesome Pub in Birkenfeld, Oregon. Mike caught up with me at that point and while I was ordering a burger at the bar, the guys sitting there were making fun of my ziplock wallet. So, I told them what I was doing. One said, "You're doing WHAT?"

After resting an hour or so, I was on my way, the last 14 miles to my campground. I got to Big Eddy, set up camp and Pam and Chuck Wood, camp hosts invited me for berry pie. How could I say no to that? After biking 63 miles?

It was a perfect first day. Sunny, mix of terrain, good food. Both my equipment and body felt great!

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