Keep your rules off my trip!

So, it's fascinating how many people have their own ideas about my cross country bike trip. Friday and Saturday of this week I start the first leg of my journey. Just Astoria (coast) to Portland. Two days, about 100 miles. I'm going with a friend, Mike Floyd, who is also going to photograph the beginning of my journey. A few people I've mentioned this to have said, "Cheating!" in response to my starting the first leg this week. I'm really confused as to why doing the first leg of my journey a few weeks prior to my official departure date out of Portland is cheating? I mean, I'm still riding the entire 4087 miles from coast to coast. Do people assume I'm not going to be taking a day off a week for laundry, rest, sight-seeing?

I have work commitments until beginning of June. I hope to leave the first week of June... from Portland. I'll have the Astoria to Portland portion completed. And, doing this week's ride will give me an opportunity to test out my fully loaded trailer two days in a row and camp in my tent and new sleeping bag. So- if you're going to put your rules on my trip... let's see you do this ride!