Who Wants Ice Cream on a Day Like Today?

My day off in Missoula was productive and fun. My hosts, Jeannie and Steve (friends parents) were amazing to me. They fed me amazing home-cooked meals, let me do laundry, supporting me watching US Soccer (not many American families would support that when there are NBA playoffs and NHL games going on...! Haha! But they were great company and their home was amazingly comfortable for me. I did love seeing middle school photos of my friend around the house! (Sorry Stephanie!)
Steve dropped me off back in Lolo on the TransAm Route and I was surprised to learn that about 40 miles of my day would be on a bike path. How nice is that? Although... It was difficult to get my rhythm today and it was cold and then it started to rain so I put on my full rain gear. Including a helmet cover to keep my head warm, shoe covers, full fingered gloves, rain pants and my fav new article of clothing... My Showers Pass rain jacket. I mean, bummer about the cold and rain, but I'm not hauling this gear over mountain passes for nothing! Then... The headwind started. I've never experienced headwind like this and it took me miles to stop swearing at it and just accept it. I mean today is a slight uphill AND a bike path? I should be thankful. I pulled into Hamilton and I'm glad I didn't just stop at Subway because in the little downtown area is a great healthy-option cafe called Loft Cafe! I'm here now and enjoyed a gourmet grilled cheese- with tomato chutney, onion relish, spinach, mushrooms, brie and cheddar. And a pickle! Pickles are my #1 favorite food, if you didn't know. I'm currently drinking tea after having finished my sandwich and recharging my bike computer and cell phone. No ice cream today... too cold. Trying to warm up before my haul to Darby in 17 miles. My goal was Sula today... But this wind might win today. Another 51 miles? I might be a broken woman!