Saying Goodbye

It was much harder to say goodbye to the CA crew this morning than I thought. I mean, I only met them a little over a week ago. But, their kindness, support, love, hilarious stories and memories we created left me a bit sad as I hopped on my bike this morning and rode away.   

One of the things I was looking forward to most about this trip were the people I'd meet. I mean, I just stopped at the post office to mail something and a guy started chatting to me and told me he'd go online and donate after I gave him a Road to Rhode postcard. He gave me a great food recommendation (Wild West Pizza in West Yellowstone), a place with a gouda mac and cheese to die for (I suggest adding broccoli and Italian sausage to it!). Some of the random conversations are amazing, but meeting people like Margie, Ray, Mike and Terri on this trip really give you a sense of how amazing most people are! I mean, to be welcomed into their family gathering like I was? So, it would make sense that parting ways would bring some sadness. I feel blessed that our bicycle routes intersected exactly when they did. I was supposed to meet them and they were supposed to meet me. I'm already planning to go to Southern CA for a visit this upcoming winter. I'm sure we'll continue to share the rest of our cycle journey with each other and laugh about some of the experiences we had in this short amount of time. I wish them a safe, fun, fulfilling journey of their own. Love you guys!