It's just what I'm supposed to be doing

You ever feel like it's the right decision? The right thing at the right time? I feel that way tonight, the night prior to my departure across the country. It's funny, I'm not nervous or scared. Just excited for sunrise tomorrow.  Although I have a dozen things to do tonight before I get into my cozy bed. If I don't get enough sleep tonight I can stop at that park in Sandy Oregon along 26 and take a nap on the grass and enjoy this amazing weather we are having! It's all good.

I think what I'm thinking about most right now is my family. I feel so fortunate to have parents who embrace my adventurous spirit. They know I'm no slacker. They've heard me talk about this dream for years. And, I've heard multiple times how proud they are of me. That feels good hearing. Even at 38. And, I think of my brother, Dave, who has taught me to live every day like it's your last. His life experiences have taught him that you never know... so, embrace the people in your life that care and respect you the most. Be bold. Dave's wanderlust travels years ago left me envious. And, now it's my time. Although I do wish Dave and his amazing wife Cassia could come with me, this is my time and dream.

So, I just want to say thank you to Mom and Dad and Dave and Cassia. When I have a bad day, or lose opportunities, or people come and go from my life... you guys are my rock. I always have my family. I love you.