"Maybe They're Wired to Experience Life a Bit More"

About 95% of the time when someone comes up to me and starts talking to me about my journey, they ask me two questions.
1. Where are you riding from/to? (Common reaction is shock)
2. You're traveling ALONE? (Then they say, "Are you crazy?)

I recently read an article on extreme athletes in Americanway, American Airline's magazine. It was the May issue. I don't consider myself an extreme athlete, however the article was an interesting read prior to leaving on this bicycle trip across the country.

Excerpts in quotes are from the article.
"A significant part of attempting these feats is realizing one's ability to overcome fear and pain to accomplish a goal. As athletes continue to push the boundaries of what's physically possible, people who study them are realizing that the mind is just as great an impediment as the body." I think most people can physically do many things... however, it is their mind that inhibits them from doing many things. My hosts from Rawlins told me they met a couple that were bicycle touring across the country with their 2 year old! I mean, if they can do that... what else is possible? How amazing is that? They had the will to do it. And they are.

"Many people's jobs do not offer a way to feel fully human. Pushing the potentials of the body is a natural fit in a world that is turning people sedentary." Yesterday, while riding, I thought, 'I feel alive. More alive than I've ever felt.'

I've had to have faith in the fact that my business will sustain after taking 3-4 months away. It's a scary, risky choice. But, I'm proud of myself for doing it. With discomfort (not pain, just physical and mental discomfort) and the unknown, you grow. Many of us choose the easier option. Whatever is convenient, safe, familiar. But, you won't grow as much as if you take risks, be bold. Do something you've always wanted to do. Quit a bad habit. End a relationship. Rekindle one. Embrace the unknown and become something bigger and better.