Online Dating Profile

I think of really random things while cycling. Hours and hours alone. Mostly I think I'm in a meditative state because I look down and I've done 11 miles and didn't even realize it. However, I think of men a lot. Past relationships, present, future. Friends, intimate partners, family. After my divorce, I was online for a bit meeting people. Overall I had good experiences, even though I'm not dating any of them currently. Some men are important friends in my life now. I got offline this past winter, however, the other day I was thinking how funny my online dating profile would be if I was on dating site while on this trip. Most sites adjust your location so it'd be perfect. If I want a date in Jeffrey City WY, pop. 32? I might secure one!

I believe you need to be honest in your profile. So, mine might include things like...
- Heads up, I'm not sticking around, I'll be gone by the next day (might be appealing to some men, although that's not what I call 'dating')
- This helmet is on pretty securely. It's for protection.
- If we happen to get intimate, you may see chaffing in weird places.
- My 'perfume' may bring back memories for you of the beach (sunblock)
- Again, if we get intimate, it's not a white shorty wetsuit I'm wearing. Those are my tan lines. For real.
- If I don't get a shower in, I may have dead bugs in elbow and knee pits and other weird things I've collected along the hot ride.
 - Huh, no, not a tattoo on my leg, that's just chain grease. Semi-permanent.
 - Be aware my quads and calves may be bigger than yours.
 - You must think a sports bra is sexy

What do you think? It'll work, right?