Sunday Funday

With less than two weeks to go! Still have $8200 to raise to reach my goal. I wish I had more time and energy to fundraise... Bt I only have enough energy to bike, eat, sleep, blog and see people. I want to feel more rested than I do right now. I can't sleep is more of the issue. I know I keep complaining about fatigue... I've never been this tired. In my life.

After a nice long lunch break in Louisa VA with Dean, we parted ways again (we've done that since Kansas!) saying goodbye 'for real' this time and I cycled the remaining 30 miles to Spotsylvania to stay with my personal trainer and good friend, Aaron's sister in law. Mackenzie and Scott greeted me and welcomed me into their home with three awesome dogs. A Great Dane named Indy and two Newfoundlands, Taiyo and Sigmund. They made a wonderful dinner and we chatted for a few hours. Great people and loved hearing about what they do. Mackenzie is in private practice as a psychologist and Scott is in the Coast Guard and currently getting his PhD. I tried to fall asleep early, but my brain wouldn't stop and I only got about 6 hours of sleep. I'm overly exhausted I think. I woke up tired but knew I didn't have to bike the next two days. I'm off route now, so Scott brought me on to Fredericksburg and dropped me off at a Starbucks and my friend Matt picked me up 30 minutes later. Matt went to my HIgh School, Manchester HS in CT and is good friends with my brother. Matt and his wife Shailee came to Brasil for my brothers wedding so we became good friends as well. I planned to stay with them, their daughter Asha in their beautiful brownstone in DC for two nights. I haven't stayed with people I know since Kentucky. It was good to see them and get into DC and I took a two hour nap when arrived. I felt better. Matt and Shailee pulled together a Sunday Funday party and invited friends they typically get together with on Sunday anyway. What is amazing is that a few days ago I received the email inviting everyone and Matt included info on my ride and asked everyone to bring $5 to donate to my cause, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. How awesome is that? I feel so loved and supported. Just like in Kentucky when my colleagues and friends all came out to eat and others met me along my route to see me.

Matt's menu for the gathering for Sunday Funday:
Farfalle with artichokes and tomatoes
Mahi-Mahi avocado rolls
Roasted corn and black bean salad
Grilled peaches, vanilla ice cream and homemade caramel bourbon sauce.

And others brought a delicious quinoa salad, peanut butter chocolate pie and cupcakes. Ummmm- YUM! The best part? The people. Everyone was so fun. They do interesting things for a living and they were very curious about my trip. In fact at one point we had a 'panel-type' session going with questions! Many were even interested in seeing my bike and gear in the basement. Again, I love sharing the experience and since I've been so tired and ready to be done, it motivated me to finish. And, we raised another $105! So excited!

I tried to fall asleep early and that didn't work, so I woke up feeling tired still. I think my nerves and anxiety and excitement are all keeping me from getting quantity and quality sleep. And of course today I need to rest, but I'm in DC and want to get things accomplished. I'm here often for work, but I want to get a few errands done. I'm hoping I can get another nap in. Tomorrow I leave for Manchester MD to stay with another colleague, Brian Griffith who works at the Maryland Department of Education. Looking forward to seeing him and meeting his family! Ok, time to get dressed and hit the town! DC... Here I come!

Mackenzie, Scott and I
Sigmund and I snuggling
Asha and I in DC
DC party!