Some donation comments I've received recently. Thank you all so much. Only 3 more days to go! 

"Jess - You are a rockstar!  A pickle-eating, bike-peddling rockstar who has powered herself across 4000 miles in one freaking summer.  You're almost there!  Enjoy these final few days, these final few ice cream shops, and the lifetime of memories you're creating." - Jennifer Gabriel

"For someone who is almost at the the end of your journey you were such a ball of energy! Great to have had a chance for you to meet us in New Hope. Best of luck to you!" - Chuck DePalma

"I had wanted to wait until you were a day away but after hearing your voice tonight... I couldn't wait!! Many hugs from Kentucky!" - Melissa McDonald

 "You are truly an inspiration!!!" - John Henry Ledwith

"Thanks for following your dreams and for your passion to make a difference for our kids - giving them a promising healthy future!" - Valerie Snyder

"Jess you are AMAZING!!! You are such an inspiration demonstrating your commitment to your passion...personal health and wellness for all!" - Susan Berry