The Bucket List

My mom has been telling me since I finished my bicycle journey that I have to watch The Bucket List from 2007 with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. The Netflix DVD arrived yesterday morning so we watched it together last night. In the movie, both men are being treated for cancer and sharing a room.  Both of them have been told they have a year to live. With news like that, they develop a bucket list; a list of items they both hope to accomplish before they die. Jack Nicholson’s character is loaded with money and the two of them take off on a wonderful journey around the world hoping to… laugh until they cry, see Mount Everest, kiss the most beautiful girl in the world and observe something magnificent.

If you were told you had 6-12 months to live, how would you spend it? Would you have regrets of how you've spent your life so far? Would you feel ashamed of how you treated others?

Why wait to start living? Riding my bicycle across the country was the one (and the only) item on my bucket list. I’ve been asked, what’s next on my list. I responded with, “I don’t have anything.” After watching the movie last night, I decided I needed to write down goals and dreams I have to formalize my bucket list. It’s my list, so I can edit it and add to it as I please. I encourage you to do the same.

In the movie, Morgan Freeman’s character asks, “Have you experienced joy in your life?” and, “Have you brought joy to others?” How would you answer that?

Here are my added bucket list items:

1.     Dance until sunrise with the person I love

2.     Attend a Soccer World Cup

3.     Live on the ocean someday

4.     Skip rocks on a lake or pond with my nephew someday

5.     Write a book

6.     Travel to Zanzibar