Writing Coach

I was connected to Amanda at Polished Pear Creative through a colleague (they are related) and I'm feeling it's serendipitous that our lives have crossed passed at exactly the right time. I was inspired to write more when the momentum of hundreds of regular readers of my daily bike blog over 90 days this summer took place. I would love to continue to process my own journey personally but to inspire and share the story with a larger audience. Amanda and I officially partnered today to continue this journey of writing, sharing and processing the amazing event I experienced riding solo 4,197 miles. 

If a book comes out of this process, great! Short stories? Awesome. But, the process itself will be amazing and will just build my skills as a writer, reader and speaker professionally. This is very out of my comfort zone, so here I go again… being bold and courageous and pushing myself beyond what I think I'm capable of doing. This past summer was a physical & emotional challenge. This will be an emotional & intellectual challenge. Let's see what the end product may be… whatever it is, it's not the destination, it's the journey.