I have a bike ride to accomplish.

I've been in Connecticut and North Carolina the past couple of weeks for work and quite honesty, it's been nice to have a 'bike' break. Although- I'm a bit anxious to get going again. I have 5.5 weeks until my departure. My to-do list is almost two pages long. I have some long rides to get in and then my mileage tapers. I have not once resented a training ride (even in 50 degree, rainy weather!) which has shocked me. I get on my bike and I'm happy. I'm ready. I'm physically ready, emotionally ready. 

This past week was a little personally challenging. It's difficult when you encounter change in relationships in your life. Someone who can be your rock one day might not be present the next. Someone you look up to disappoints you. Someone you trust has lied to you. Someone you care about isn't there for you. Not all that occurred this week, however, these experiences have all happened in my lifetime with relationships. The grief or pain might want you to go off track. Today, as I said goodbye to this dear friend, I thought I'd walk away and feel sadness. I did and the waves of that will come back in the weeks to come. But today, I took a few steps away from my friend and these steps turned into confident strides which turned into quite a strut (yes, with sexy boots on even!). And, with that, I put my head up and smiled and said to myself... "I have a bike ride to accomplish".

And with that, I realized that any goal, even small is so significant. We all need them. You want to be healthier? Eat better. You want to reconnect with someone? Call them. You want to go back to school? Take the GRE. You want to plant a garden? Start with a large pot for herbs. And, when the sad events occur, and the unexpected disappointments happen and you feel let down... you still have your goal. You still have to figure out a way, maybe a different route to get there. And you focus and you grieve along the way. And with that, you grow and become more confident and when you accomplish your goal, you have changed for the best. 

This ride is for me. It's my ride.