Ice Cream Truck

It's here! Finally! The first day of the season I hear the ice cream truck's annoying musical jingle in my NE Portland neighborhood. It brings back the memory of each year at this time hearing those musical notes and recognizing the feeling of annoyance (that darn song!) and relief that we've made it through another wet, cloudy winter in the Pacific Northwest.

Today, after a lazy morning working on my laptop in bed, I motivated to walk to Costello's Travel Cafe to focus on a contract that I had a lot of writing to catch up on. As I walked home after a few hours in the 75 degree (really?!?) weather, I heard the familiar jingle. The warmth and smell of spring flowers brought a huge smile to my face. This year, that annoying jingle made me think about how many ice cream trucks I may come across this summer in small towns across America. It reminded me how truly fortunate I am to be healthy enough to take 3 months and cycle across the US. I never indulge in an ice cream from the ice cream truck. But you know what? This summer during my trip if I have the opportunity I will indulge. I mean, why not?