Day 6, Ochoco... I'll be Back! 78 miles. Climbed 2 Passes

I'm just in awe of how beautiful the ride has been today. Mental note to come back to this area and hike. I got up at 6am after an intense dream startled me awake. In dream, I was trying to quickly pack up all my stuff in a hotel room to catch a train, only to see it stop, pick up passengers quickly and leave me behind. I took that to mean I better get up and start packing up camp since I had a long hill to climb and the temperature would be much nicer at 7:30am versus 10am. Good decision. I actually enjoyed climbing the 20 miles uphill to Ochoco Summit to almost 4000 feet. It wasn't as exposed and there were plenty of sections that allowed me to pick up my pace and stretch out.

I thought a lot about food and how much your eating routine shifts on a trip like this. Usually I crave certain foods at certain times of the day, but on this trip? It's so random. The other morning I got up and cooked myself lentils. It's 10:30pm and I'm in my tent eating an entire bag of baby carrots. I crave salad all the time. So, I usually eat salad at least once a day with grilled chicken- if I can find it! Food deserts are a big issue in the US. Many people put blame on personal choice around obesity issues, but the environment and access play a large role (no pun intended!). For example, check out the produce section in Mitchell, Oregon's only grocery store (photo). There were bags of carrots (where I got mine), oranges, lettuce and cabbage in a refrigerated section. But this is it for unrefrigerated fresh produce. I'd personally get bored eating these same items.

I did eat lunch in Mitchell and met 3 people originally from Rhode Island. Thanks to Don and Pat for their generous donations after meeting me today! I rode up my second pass of the day and just before arriving in Dayville, jumped into the John Day River. I know... predictable. I still haven't climbed a tree yet... It'll happen. I've been keeping an eye out for good trees.

Dayville is adorable. I love how the 2013 high school graduating class of 7 students each have their own banners attached to the street lights throughout town. The cafe was good- I ate a large salad and some pecan pie. I saved half of the pie for tomorrow sometime. Nothing like squishing a caramel pecan pie into a bike trailer. Unless it's breakfast... Again, those cravings can be random.

I'm loving the love and support I receive from the road. I get multiple texts a day from friends and family cheering me on, or telling me they love me, or asking where I am. It's great. I even received 'flowers' (a photo of daisies, my favorite) from my ex husband when he saw them on a ride today. I appreciate all the support and love! Keep it coming. It helps a lot.