Day 7, What I Left Behind and Fueling My Body

Dayville to Prairie City. 44.57 miles, riding time 3:51, 11.54 avg mph, 1650 elevation gain

In response to readers comments...
So, Garlynn asked me what got eliminated before I left. Not much- two tubes of sunblock, a bike jersey (still have 3), a long sleeve shirt. I packed really well overall but might get rid of more stuff in Baker City.
Elizabeth asked about fuel/eating along the way. I'm burning between 3000-5000 calories a day. Here's my routine. For water, I carry about 116 ounces at a time (although I could buy more if needed on stretches of road in which I need it). I fill up about 2-2.5 times a day. And, I down ice water at meals when I can.  So, I figure I'm drinking between 2-3 gallons of water a day. Someone check my math... not my best skill!! One water bottle always has a Nuun tablet in it which gives me electrolytes without the sugar. I wish I could just drink water (I hate sports drinks), but I need the Nuun enhanced water for sure. I feel the difference. I'm kind of picky about drinks anyway. I like water, tea, milkshakes (occasionally... and more so on this trip I suspect!), gin and bourbon. I don't drink soda (tonic with my gin) or juice, hardly ever. I'm sensitive to sugary drinks and bitter (which eliminates sports drink, juice, soda, wine and beer). I'd rather satisfy my sugar cravings through ice cream or dessert, not a drink. Got to pick where you get your not-very-nutrient-rich food items!
For food, breakfast is random. Sometimes it's eggs (if I'm lucky). This morning I had yogurt, chocolate milk, two Babybell cheeses, a banana and orange, knowing I'd be able to get eggs/more protein in Mt. Vernon after a warm up ride of 23 miles ;). Along the way I eat Gu if I'm working really hard (like up a hill). Vanilla is my favorite- not as sugary as the fruit flavored Gu. For lunch, if I don't have access to a town, I eat PBJ. It's perfect. If I have access to a restaurant, I either eat a burger with a side salad or a large salad with grilled chicken. Although I'm at lunch now and they serve breakfast all day, so I'm having eggs with peppers, onions, hash browns, two sausage links and rye toast. And hot tea! And ice water! Because it's a heavy lunch, dinner will probably be fish or a salad. If possible! I'm starting to realize how I feel when I tell people about my charity of choice... preventing childhood obesity. Heading into more rural areas, obesity rates are higher and I have to share what I'm doing in such a way that people don't feel threatened. I want to educate and share. With no judgement. I think abut people doing this for cancer... It's just not as politically charged. Personal, yes, could be. But not as much shame around the issue.

I'm hungry a lot, but less so then 5 days ago. I think my body is getting used to this. It's fascinating the signs your body gives you. If your lips and mouth are dry - it's kinda late... start drinking a lot of water! Even if you're 4 miles until the next town, stop, add water to your bottle from your water storage bladder (mine is a Platypus), and drink. If your hungry, it's late! Stop and eat something- even if it's a Gu package. Don't wait to feel these things. I wake up with a slight headache most days due to dehydration. I'm really good about drinking water during the day (I stop to pee at least every 30-45 min), but at night, it's hard to drink all night and get a good nights sleep. So, when I wake up, I try and catch up within the first hour to get my body regulated again. This will change due to elevation and temperature. But in this heat? I wake up dry and thirsty. I still don't have all my routines down. I have systems in place I love and will sustain and some I'll adapt and change. I'll keep you all posted on those!  (Photo is a farm outside of Dayville... It's for sale. Any takers?)