I'm Going to Burst into Flames

Ok... Better day then yesterday. Slightly. The wind wasn't as strong (check out photo below- people plant trees around their property due to the wind) . It didn't help me... but it slowed me down less. However, the heat was intense. I'm glad I was on the road by 7:15. Less wind and a little cooler. If you call almost 80 degrees at 7:15am cooler. I made it to Sheridan Lake (although I don't think there's water in the lake- not that I could see) by 10:30 and I was thrilled the gas station had Subway-like sandwich offerings. I know it was only 10:30, but I had a 6-inch sub, chips and an ice cream sandwich. It was almost 100 degrees outside by the time I walked out. I was halfway through my ride at 10:30, but didn't get to my destination until 3.

I passed a turtle crossing the road. I stopped and moved him across and was confused since I had no idea there were turtles in this area! I moved him and wondered if I'd see many more that I'd feel the need to move so they didn't get crushed. I actually only saw 3 more... squashed from cars. A squashed turtle is not a nice scene.

I crossed into Kansas!! So I had to take my border photo (see below). I crack myself up. I literally have to set up the camera/tripod, set the timer, run over and in this case my pose was on the ground. You know... Entering FLAT Kansas. Dorky, I know.

What's funny is that I keep hearing about the thorns that cause numerous flat tires to all cyclists through Kansas. I had two- at the same time (rear tire and one trailer tire) about 100 feet for the Kansas state sign. So, in Colorado! It took me some time to change the tires... The heat was ferocious and it just takes time to patch and fix. Luckily there was one tree near where I flatted out, so I had shade for about an hour while working. I wish I had my "I'm Thorny" shirt (discontinued I heard, due to controversy), by the Portland Thorns (women's MLS team) in my drawer at home. It'd be perfect for this trip through Kansas.

I got to Tribune Kansas and settled for yet another motel. I got to the public pool in time for a dip before they closed ($1.50) and now eating at Karen's Kitchen... Where sometimes salads like these (see below) actually look good... when you are really hungry.

I know that Kansas will be like this. Wind and heat. So, I have waved my white flag and decided to keep my distance under 55 miles a day so that I'm not in pain. Or I don't die of heat stroke (actually a risk). Kansas will just take me double as long to get through. That's just what's going to happen. And, it's all ok.