You're Going the Wrong Way!

Sometimes I feel like telling other cyclists they're going the wrong way when I meet them. That's because I like them and want them to join me. But, we just pass in the wind. Sometimes moments, like a wave or nod without a stop on the road. Sometimes it's longer, like a meal. Or, we sightsee Old Faithful together.

Tonight I had dinner at a local restaurant here in Scott City, Kansas. I went to a place with a salad bar and on the way back to my hotel spotted a DQ. I can't really ride passed a DQ without stopping these days... duh. I noticed a couple of touring bikes outside of DQ. I got to meet a great group of cyclists- some who have met only days ago, some who have been leapfrogging each other for the past couple of months. They were Alex and Andy @LookMumNoCar from the UK, Sam from NC, Gary from Ireland and Tom and Joe from Phoenix. We sat and shared stories. I needed an evening with people. I haven't met anyone the past few days since the towns I'm cycling through have less than 100 people and it's so hot that nobody is outside in the evenings. There just hasn't been opportunities to meet anyone- local or cyclists!

I think I have Kansas beat. Here's my plan and it seems to be working. I get up early and start cycling by 6-7am. I finish by noon. I only do about 50-60 miles a day. I was doing 60-80 in WY, MT and CO... but believe it or not the heat and wind is more difficult for me than climbing mountain passes at altitude! So, I've succumbed to less mileage. My leg muscles ache more from the riding over the past 3 days then it has since I began this trip June 5. I never would have guessed wind resistance harder on my body than crossing the continental divide 10 times. Fascinating. 

I took an ice bath today. For my sore calves and quads. It really helped. I've never done that before. I literally got a ton of ice from the hotel ice machine and sat in a freezing bath to help my sore leg muscles. It worked. Brought down the swelling my muscles are experiencing and loosened them up a bit.

Tomorrow, I repeat. Get up early and ride. I hear the temperature is supposed to drop- to 95 degrees. Yup, you know you are in a hot place when you are excited about 95 degree temp!


Cyclist crew I met in DQ in Scott City KS. 

Cyclist crew I met in DQ in Scott City KS.