What's Next?

Many reporters, friends and yes, of course my mom and dad have asked me, "What's Next?" Well, let me answer that in a few ways depending on exactly what you mean by what's next. If the person questioning me is trying to get at, "What's next on your bucket list?", I don't really have an answer for you. The bike trip was really the only thing on my bucket list. One reporter couldn't believe my answer. He said, "But people that do something like this always have something next around the corner." I said, "Not me!" I really don't. I mean there are places I'd love to visit and see, but I have no interest in summiting mountains, swimming the English Channel or from Cuba to Florida (how amazing is Diane Nyad?), or riding a motorcycle Long Way Round. Do I need a bucket list? Maybe I do. Maybe I can add writing a book on this incredible experience on my bucket list. But right now, I'm focusing on the next couple of months. 

Where's my bike, trailer and bike shoes? No more... time to work.

Where's my bike, trailer and bike shoes? No more... time to work.

That brings me to those asking "What's Next?" in reference to, what the heck I'm going to do within the next couple of months and when will I ever be back in Portland?   I'm currently on an Amtrak train from Hartford to New York City's Penn Station. I am facilitating an Employee Effectiveness and Wellness Forum for Clinton Foundation's Health Matters Initiative tomorrow at the W Hotel. So, I'm in girly clothing again (it's actually really nice!) without my bicycle, without my trailer, but with makeup and pumps and a suit and jewelry. Paradigm shift. Luckily, I love what I do for a living. The past few days have been spent on conference calls with Suzanne Hidde, HIV Director in WA state, a call with Humana in KY, a call with Inge Aldersebaes in Oregon at OEA Choice Trust related to something I'm presenting at a forum Oct 24 in Eugene and a call with Jamie Sparks in KY related to the pre-conference workshop we are co-facilitating together on a Systems Thinking Systems Changing simulation at the American School Health Association Conference in Myrtle Beach SC Oct 9-12.

Over the next few weeks prior to driving down (YES, I'm driving back to Oregon from CT) to Myrtle Beach for ASHA, I'm spending time with friends and family in Maine, Boston and NJ. After SC, I'll be driving through TN and KY to visit friends and colleagues. I should be back in Oregon by October 23 at the latest to present in Eugene Oct 24! I'll be home for a week before flying to Fresno to facilitate a School Health Guidelines and School Health Index workshop for Center for Disease Control and Prevention. PHEW... see? Life transitions back quickly. My highly nomadic life. I'm hoping to sustain my school health consulting business, so much of the next month will be spent reconnecting with colleagues and networking. 

Does that answer "What's Next" effectively?