Final Road to Rhode Statistics

Total # of Days: 90 days exactly!

Total Miles:  4,197 miles

Number of Hours Cycling: 373 hours

Total Ascended Feet: 172,862 ft

Average Miles per Day: 56.7 miles

Average Speed of Trip: 11.6 mph

Average # of Hours Cycled per Day: 5 hours

Total # of Calories Burned (probably under-estimate since computer doesn't take into consideration hauling 100 lbs!): 189,213 calories, equilvilant to 344 Big Macs OR 1001 cans of Coke!

Average Temperature: 76.5 degrees

Fastest Speed: 41 mph

Longest Day: 86.5 miles

Shortest Day: 7.8 miles

Number of pounds lost: 11 pounds

Number of inches lost on my body (waist and hips): 12.1 inches

Number of Flat Tires: 8 flats (6 in two days in Western Kansas from the thorns)

Major Bike Issues: None

Number of Times I fell off my Bike: None

Number of Snowstorms: 1

Number of Times Caught Using the 'Natural Bathroom': 2

Number of Marriage Proposals: 1

Gallons of Ice Cream Consumed: None of Your Business

Number of Times I said, "I quit": None

Number of Times I said, "What the heck was I thinking?": 7 (ok, maybe more like 22!)

Number of Times I was Asked if I Was "Packing" (carrying a gun): 4

Percentage of Days I Biked Alone: 95%

Number of Days Totally Out of Cell Range: 7 days

Sexual Harassment Incidences: 5 whistles, all in Kentucky from men in trucks

State I felt the most Welcome by People I Knew: Kentucky, even with the sexual harassment! 

Most Beautiful State: Montana

Number of Broken Bones: 0

Number of Bugs and Spiders in my shoes after a night of camping- Too many to say

Kindest State (people I didn't know): Missouri

Treated to a Meal: 3 times

Number of Times and When I was Afraid: 1 time, sleeping alone in bear country

Percentage of Times I Camped: 33% 

Percentage of Times I Stayed in Hotel: 33% 

Percentage of Times I Stayed with a Warm Showers Host or Someone I Knew: 33%

Number of Texts Received Encouraging Me: Over 250 texts

Number of Voicemails Received Encouraging Me: Over 30 voicemails

Numbers of Emails Received Encouraging Me: Over 100 emails


What else do you want to know? Email me and I'll add to Statistics Part 2!